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Organic Laundry Detergents – Why You Should Opt For These

Laundry Detergent, also known as liquid detergent, is a common kind of detergent utilized for washing laundry. Laundry detergents that are manufactured in liquid and powder form are more commonly used in the kitchen. The detergents which are manufactured in a powder form are ideal for use on the laundry as they do not tend to leave any residues on the clothes unlike the liquids. Eco Laundry Powder has the property to clean the clothes without washing them thoroughly.

Most of the liquid detergents that are available in stores or markets nowadays contain a number of preservatives such as sodium laureth sulfate, sodium nitrates, and the likes. These chemicals can be harmful to the environment in large quantities. Therefore, many organizations have banned the usage of these chemicals in laundry detergent. However, there are still a number of manufacturers who use these chemicals despite the ban.

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There are two main types of liquid detergents available in the market, powders, and pods. Pods are comprised of powdered ingredients whereas powders consist of finely ground ingredients. Both these main types of laundry detergents have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us take a look at both main types and then we shall compare them.

Surfactants are mostly used in liquid detergents in the form of foam. The purpose of foam in the laundry detergent would be to make the fabrics soft. Some surfactants help detergents to remove excess water from the fabric thus leaving it dryer than usual. Foam is made by reacting with the moisture in the air and then forming into tiny beads. There are various surfactants that are commonly used in the market including Chloraseptic, Liquid Crystal Discharge, Phosphate, and Sedimentum surfactant.

Most of the detergents available contain some chemical ingredients and some other natural ingredients. One of the most common chemical ingredients found in almost all types of laundry detergents is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. It helps detergents bond with the fabrics and is non-toxic. It is a widely used ingredient and also acts as an antiseptic. However there are other chemical ingredients which may not be suitable for your home and may give you problems like skin rash, respiratory and digestive tract infections.

Powdered laundry detergents are made by mixing together different powder elements like baking soda, starch or fiber. These combine with water and form a thick paste like liquid that can soak up stains easily. The shining point about Powdered detergents is that you can easily make a cup of the liquid and use it to clean the stains off your favorite shirts. However there are certain precautions that you need to take care of when using powdered liquid detergents.

One of the most important things to remember is never to use more than a cup of liquid detergents for any single load. This would mean that you should always dilute the detergents so that the stains do not get soaked up in the mixture. Also be careful while mixing these detergents to use less powder in order to prevent the liquid from clogging your sinks. Using a spray bottle with the detergents would help you to apply the solution to the stained areas easier and in lesser amounts. Also keep a piece of paper or an index card with you so that you can measure out how much of detergent you will need for a particular load.

Most people do not realize the harmful effects that the chemicals in laundry detergents have on our health. Researchers have found that some types of chemicals used in laundry detergents are known to cause cancer and to develop into skin irritations and allergies. They are also known to create negative effects on the nervous system and reproductive organs. If you want to make sure that you and your family is getting only top quality and natural ingredients to wash clothes with, do yourself a favor by choosing organic laundry detergents.