Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets – Replace Them Or Keep Them Refurbished?

Are you interested in making that used kitchen look brand new again? There’s no need to shop around endlessly for used cabinets with NO Furniture Restoration Kits available. Just bring out that old, faded, or even painted finish and resurface those Kitchen Cabinets again. You’ll get the results you want without spending any more money than you can afford. Furniture restoration kits will help you makeover your kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the cost of a whole new set.

kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Have you considered replacing those worn-out door panels instead? This can give your kitchen cabinets an instant facelift while saving money on costly new doors. Kitchen┬ácabinet refinishing can also reface kitchen cabinets that have been damaged due to years of neglect, resulting in ugly, scratched doors. And don’t forget about your countertops and flooring: even older homeowners might be able to benefit from resurfacing or refinishing to bring out the luster of their stone, tile, or hardwood flooring.

If you’re looking to change the face of your kitchen cabinets without replacing the doors, consider using laminate instead of real wood. Laminate is virtually stain-resistant, warp and moisture-resistant, and requires little care and upkeep. In fact, the only upkeep you’ll need to do is clean dust and debris from the surface, using a soft cloth or sponge with a gentle cleaning solution. If you’re replacing kitchen cabinet doors, consider refinishing the entire wood frame to save even more money. Many brands are available to provide a high-end, luxurious look, or you can choose to purchase unfinished wood, which you’ll be able to work to customize to match your cabinets’ existing finish.

If you have older cabinetry, you’ll want to take steps to protect it from damage and deterioration before starting your remodel. Start by repainting all the cabinets in your kitchen, as well as all the surfaces behind them (including countertops and flooring). If you choose to refinish your cabinetry, try to choose a finish that will not only improve its appearance, but will also help it resist damage from heat, moisture, and stains. Some of the popular finishes include:

Even if you plan to keep the same doors you currently have, you may want to consider changing them out entirely for a newer, modern look. Your cabinets’ frames can be easily replaced with new ones made of steel, mahogany, or another sturdy material. Wood, on the other hand, may be out of your budget. And if you’re looking to increase the visual appeal of your kitchen cabinets, consider repainting them all in one color, or replacing the doors with new ones that match or contrast with your cabinetry. You can achieve a more contemporary feel with glass panels and wire shelves, or a more traditional look with wooden doors and paneling.

While refinishing is an effective way to get the best use out of your cabinets, painting them can create a more uniformed look. Painting your cabinet doors can help even the most mismatched surfaces match perfectly. Before painting your doors, however, be sure to allow them to completely dry so that they do not warp.

There are many advantages to both refinishing and painting your cabinets, and it’s easy to see why they are popular choices when it comes to kitchen remodels. No matter how much money you want to spend on this project, you should always consider hiring a professional. While you can often do the refinishing yourself, a professional will provide the know-how and materials needed to complete the job properly. And while it might seem like an extra expense, hiring professionals to do this kind of work saves you money in the long run.

When you consider everything above, it becomes clear that there are compelling reasons for refacing kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. Refinishing may cost more initially, but the return on investment makes it well worth the effort. You will have a clean, refurnished appearance, and will be able to appreciate your cupboards for years to come. As long as you choose quality products, you’ll be happy with the results for years to come.